Hierarchical Evaluation of System Reliability

Computer Engineering Research Center
The University of Texas at Austin

D. Lee, J. A. Abraham, D. Rennels and G. Gilley, "A Numerical Technique for the Hierarchical Evaluation of Large, Closed Fault-Tolerant Systems," Dependable Computing for Critical Applications 2, J. F. Meyer and R. D. Schlichting, editors, Springer-Verlag, 1992, pp. 96-114.


This paper describes a novel approach for evaluating the reliability of large fault-tolerant systems. The design hierarchy of the system is preserved during the evaluation, allowing large systems to be analyzed. Semi-Markov models are used at each level in the hierarchy, and a numerical technique is used to combine models from a given level for use at the next level. Different values of parameters, such as coverage, can then be used appropriately at any level, resulting in a much more accurate prediction of reliability. The proposed technique has been validated through comparison with analytical calculations, results from existing tools and Monte-Carlo simulation.

V. S. S. Nair, J. A. Abraham and P. Banerjee, "Efficient techniques for the analysis of algorithm-based fault tolerance schemes," IEEE Transactions on Computers, April 1996, pp. 499-503.

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