Financial Aid

Graduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are considered for financial aid only after they have been admitted.

Financial support takes different forms, including

Research assistants are chosen by individual faculty to work on research projects sponsored by government and industry. These are generally given to students who have the education and background to work on the specific projects. In my research group, the students who have these assistantships are usually those working on their Ph.D. research and who have done some research with me. Please take a look at my research areas to get an idea of the research projects that I supervise. This page is periodically updated to reflect recent research results.

Teach assistants are assigned by the department on recommendations from faculty teaching the courses. Not all courses have teaching assistants. Courses with heavy laboratory content, especially advanced undergraduate and graduate courses, generally require that the student applying for a teaching assistantship have taken the course. Interested students should contact the department.

Fellowships are awarded by different government agencies, industry and foundations. Students need to research possibilities and apply for fellowships on their own.

Many students who work for local companies are reimbursed for their tuition by their employers.

-- Jacob Abraham.

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