IEEE/ACM Workshop on Variability Modeling and Characterization

(VMC) 2011

November 10th,  2011

Double Tree Hotel, San Jose, CA

Registration through ICCAD

(Programs of previous workshops are available: 2010, 2009, 2008)

It is widely recognized that process variation is emerging as a fundamental challenge to IC design in scaled CMOS technology; and it will have profound impact on nearly all aspects of circuit performance. While some of the negative effects of variability can be handled with improvements in the manufacturing process, the industry is starting to accept the fact that some of the effects are better mitigated during the design process. Handling variability in the design process will require accurate and appropriate models of variability and its dependence on designable parameters (i.e. layout), and its spatial and temporal distributions. It also requires carefully designed test structures and proper statistical data analysis methods to extract meaningful models from large volumes of silicon measurements. The resulting compact modeling of systematic, random, spatial, and temporal variations is essential to abstract the physical level variations into a format the designers (and more importantly, the tools they use) can utilize. This workshop provides a forum to discuss current practice as well as near future research needs in test structure design, variability characterization, compact variability modeling, and statistical simulation.

Key Topics

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Physics mechanisms and technology trends of device-level variations

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   First-principles simulation methods for predicting variability

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Time-dependent variation and their interaction with other variation sources

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Compact modeling of variations in devices and interconnect

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Device and circuit level modeling techniques

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Test structure design for variability

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Variability characterization, bounding and extraction

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Statistical data analysis and model extraction methods

Description: C:\Paper Review\Modeling\2012\webpage\2011\dot.jpg   Novel implementation and simulation techniques for dealing with variability

Tentative Agenda

9:00 9:10am     Opening Remarks

9:10 9:50am     Keynote: Rob Aitken (ARM): Knowns and Unknowns in Variability Modeling

9:50 10:30am Takayasu Sakurai (Univ. of Tokyo): Deep-volt Design under Variability

10:30 11:00am Morning Break/Discussion

11:00 11:40am Vijay Reddy (TI): An Overview of Circuit Aging in SOCs

11:40 12:20pm Gilson Wirth (UFRGS): Charge Trapping Phenomena in MOSFETs: From Noise to Bias Temperature Instability

12:20 1:30pm Lunch

1:30 2:10pm Keynote: Luigi Capodieci (GF): DFM Methodologies for Effective Variability Management in Physical Design at 20nm and Beyond

2:10 2:50pm Kiyoshi Takeuchi (Renesas): Impact of Random Telegraph Noise on Circuit Reliability

2:50 3:30pm Poster Presentation

3:30 4:00pm Afternoon Break/Discussion

4:00 5:00pm Poster Session

Technical Program Committee

Co-chairs: Hidetoshi Onodera, Kyoto University, onodera AT vlsi DOT kuee DOT kyoto-u DOT ac DOT jp

Frank Liu, IBM Austin Research Lab, frankliu AT us DOT ibm DOT com

Yu (Kevin) Cao, Arizona State University, ycao AT asu DOT edu


Asen Asenov, University of Glasgow

Chris Kim, University of Minnesota

Colin McAndrew, Freescale Semiconductor

Vijay Reddy, Texas Instruments

Takashi Sato, Kyoto University



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