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Please contact Scott Davidson to help.

newPresentation on Benchmark Characteristics.

The presentation on the characteristics of the benchmarks given at the 6th Annual International Test Synthesis Workshop is here.

newMore Details on Benchmarks.

A writeup giving more details on the benchmarks, including links to some of them, is here.


Minutes of the Benchmark Meeting at ITC

The minutes from a meeting on benchmarking held at the 1998 International Test Conference are available here.


ITC'99 Benchmarks an Official TTTC Activity

The benchmarking effort is now an official activity of the IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Committee. Scott Davidson has been appointed Vice Chair of the Test Synthesis TAC for this effort.


What are the ITC99 Benchmarks?

They are a set of benchmark circuits, gathered from many companies in the electronics business, that are meant to be used for experimentation on Design for Testability (DFT)  and Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG).    The benchmarks and first DFT and ATPG results will be presented at the 1999 International Test Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey


Why New DFT Benchmarks?

Simply because the last set, first presented at ISCAS'89, are almost ten years old.  Those benchmarks, though challenging in their day, are too small and simple to drive progress in DFT and ATPG.  They are also presented at the gate level, while most designs today are done in RTL.  Visit the documents page for more justification.


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