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The University of Texas at Austin
Comp Engr Res Cntr
2501 Speedway, C8800
Austin, TX 78712-1234

Location / Parking

Engineering Education and Research Center (EER)
2501 Speedway
Austin, TX 78712

San Jacinto Garage (SJG)
2401 San Jacinto Boulevard
Austin, TX 78705

Maps to EER and SJG

Technical Reports

UT-CERC-06-01 Large Scale Placement with Explicit Cell Movement Control Tao Luo and David Z. Pan
UT-CERC-10-01 Perturbation-Based Computing for Next-Generation Embedded IT Targeted at Emerging Nanoelectronics Andrey Zykov, Margarida Jacome, and Gustavo de Veciana
UT-CERC-10-02 Integration of Virtual Platform Models into a System-Level Design Framework Pablo E. Salinas Bomfim and Andreas Gerstlauer
UT-CERC-10-03 Towards a High-Performance, Low-Power Linear Algebra Processor Ardavan Pedram, Andreas Gerstlauer, and Robert van de Geijn
UT-CERC-11-01 Algorithm/Architecture Co-Design of a Stochastic Simulation System-on-Chip Hyungman Park, Xiaohu Shen, Haris Vikalo, and Andreas Gerstlauer
UT-CERC-11-02 ExtractCFG: A Framework to Enable Accurate Timing Back Annotation of C Language Source Code Arindam Goswami and Andreas Gerstlauer
UT-CERC-12-01 High-Speed Hybrid Ring Generator Design Providing Maximum-Length Sequences with Low Hardware Cost Laung-Terng Wang, Nur A. Touba, Richard P. Brent, Hui Wang, and Hui Xu
UT-CERC-12-03 On Designing Transformed Linear Feedback Shift Registers with Minimum Hardware Cost Laung-Terng Wang, Nur A. Touba, Richard P. Brent, Hui Xu, and Hui Wang
UT-CERC-12-04 FALCON: Rapid Statistical Fault Coverage Estimation for Complex Designs Shahrzad Mirkhani and Jacob A. Abraham
UT-CERC-12-06 Design of Flexible Audio Processing Platforms using the System-on-Chip Environment Wei-Cheng Su, Parisa Razaghi, Ashmita Sinha, and Andreas Gerstlauer
UT-CERC-16-01 simCUDA: A C++ based CUDA Simulation Framework Abhishek Das and Andreas Gerstlauer
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